5 Good Reason Why We Love Nendoroid

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Nendoroids are cute

Nendoroid are cute version of an actual characters from your favorite anime and games. They are usually represented with a bigger head and a small body making them adorable and cute. You can even reenact poses from the anime or games. Some nendoroid also comes with supporting characters such as the dragon knight from dota 2 which comes with a little dragon


Nendoroids are interchangeable and posable

Nendoroid are interchangeable and parts can be bought from your favorite store such as AOToysShop.com and have a lot of options such as changing the head or body having it variation of expression and or costume. It also comes with extra parts that would make them posable and nice to display

Nendoroid are affordable

Nendoroids are one of the most affordable collectible toys there is, most likely next to funko products, comparing them to a more expensive collectible toy such as figma or scale figures. It can be bought at a range of 1500-3000 Philippine peso.


Nendoroids are everywhere. You can buy it at almost all toy shop there is, from your regular mall up to your favorite online store. They are available from second hand (pre-owned) up to brand new products. They are also available for trading to other fellow collectors. There are also a lot of groups and forum for fellow collection hence trading them make it easy.


Due to its affordable price, it became one of the most collected toys in the market right now. It is also released in batches and on a limited volume hence making the product good for collecting. And since they come in from a certain line (anime or games), you can collect all available characters there is in the nendoroid version. Some version release have a special edition where in it comes with a special item upon purchase.



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