Few Checklist to identify Original vs Bootleg

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I’ve recently started doing business selling original toys, mostly Nendoroid products and one of the most question that we got from customers are is this original or “class A” (other term for bootleg products). We as an entity make sure that the source (suppliers of our product) sells only original items to ensure and maintain our reputation to our customers. Having this said. We collected some of the help to ensure that you are buying an original item

 Always ask for an actual photo of the product.

Most often than not, sellers would post pictures of the original Nendoroid product when they display it on their stores (mostly online), so it is a good practice to ensure that you would see the actual product and not just a picture of it. Not showing the actual product or sending you pics of a captured product is a good hint of a bootleg item. 

    Compare the item from the original site that produce the item.

    Always make sure that you compare the product vs the one from the official site (for Nendoroid (http://www.goodsmile.info/en/ would be a great start to compare products) and make sure that it is the same product, any discrepancy might trigger a hint of being bootleg, although search carefully since even the official web site indicates that most part of the toys might not look exactly as was is on the site due to uncontrolled factors such as hand painted items) 

      Check the release date from the official site

      Always note that early release of Nendoroid products is a good hint of bootleg items so always verify from credible source if the item was released earlier or if there are special release of such item. 

      Variation in the box

      Most often, bootleg product will have some variation in packaging weather it’s the color, title, logo or name. some case would use a different product name that is more familiar to most buyers.

      Be very vigilant with popular characters.

      Most of popular products are target of imitation, so be vigilant when purchasing popular characters. Always use the checklist list above to make sure that the item you are buying is original. Always buy from trusted site such as www.AOToysShop.com to make sure that the product is all original.


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