Hobbyist Engagement / Loyalty Program

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HELP by CMTS system

Hobbyist Engagement / Loyalty Program

Hobbyist Engagement / Loyalty Program is a membership system of Carry Me Toy Shop (aka All Original Toys Shop) where in members will gain special discount and access to special features and promo.


how to be a help member

  1. Order at least 10k worth of item in a month
  2. Pay the membership fee of 250

Fill up the membership form : bit.ly/M3mb3rF0rm

Advantages of a help member

  1. Special rates for all on hand / Pre Order items
  2. Access to consignment program
  3. Access to special promo/s
  4. Special discount on bday month
  5. Access to After Deadline Rate



Is there a expiry date for the membership?

  • No. There is no expiry date for the help membership

Is the membership transferable?

  • No. Membership is assigned per account and is not transferable

What is the consignment program?

  • Consignment Program allows member to resell their items as long as it does not violate any regulations such as BL items and it must not be conflicting to the current CMTS items.

Can I sell BIB and other status for Consignment?

  • yes, you can sell bib and other status as long as it is clearly indicated and does not violate any regulations

What is After Deadline Rate?

  • after deadline rate is a special rate for members that does not meet the pre order deadline.. (this is only limited due to availability of the items, we will be using our reserved slot to cater such orders)


Disclaimer : Carry Me Toy Shop reserve the right to cancel, modify or update the HELP guideline and or membership access.


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