Review of Nendoroid 1008 Tsunade from Naruto Series

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before we begin, let us first give you a quick background on what is a nendoroid, Nendoroid are toys created by Good Smile Company and is famous for being a chibi. Most of the characters of nendoroid are from popular manga / anime and each nendoroid contains extra parts such as arms, feet, face and accessories which will make them great for display.



Tsunade is one of the characters in the Naruto sieries. She is from the Senju Clan. And she was the 5th Hokage of Konoha and she can summon a Slug named Katsuyu.


Box Inclusion

Whats inside the box of Nendoroid 1008 Tsunade? Here are the list of whats inside her box


  • Main Figure
  • 2 Extra Face Plates
  • 1 Extra Leg
  • 3 extra Arms
  • Her Neclace
  • Her summon Katsuyu
  • Base
  • Base / Figure Connector
  • Extra Neck Part
  • Instruction Manual

Articulation and Poseability

She have extra parts which makes her nice for display in various pose but if you want something you can freely move around for pose then she is lacking on this part. Due to her missing joins in elbows and knees, her movement and pose will be limited to what is currently available parts.

Color and Prints

Well what can I say, Nendoroids (almost) never fail to amaze me with their details, she is so vibrant and Good Smile Company really captured her chibi for with their nendoroid version.

Value for Money

She Cost around 2,150 (Philippine peso and you can get her here for lower cost ) which is on the average price of nendoroids here and if you are really a big fan, or just even a fan of the naruto series, then see is really worth it for you collection. For other line collector of nendoroids she may peek your interest with her extra parts (necklace and the adorable Katsuyu)


I did enjoy having her in my collection and i might be giving her 8(or 9) star recommendation for for non naruto fans. Will i remommend you to buy her. Well thats really up to you, i might be biased since I’m a collector of the Naruto line Nendoroids as you can see in my Videos

If you want to see the full unboxing video of Nendoroid Tsunade you can view it here.



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