Cu-poche Cinderella


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"Cu-poche" are pocket-sized posable figures.
These deformed characters with a proportion of 2.3 heads tall has a wide posability range despite their small size.
"Cu-poche Friends" is a original Cu-poche character series by Kotobukiya!

The Otogi Line is a aline up of Princesses strait from a fairy tale!
"Cinderella" is a modes girl with deep faith. She has see through glass slippers, a full long dress, and a tiara that shines on her head. The Pumpkin Carriage can quickly change into a crown. The back hair can be interchanged with a long hair part.

Add her to your collection and take her along to a party!




Release Date : Nov-2018

Brand : Kotobukiya

Product Line : Cu-poche
Cu-poche Friends

Character Name : Cinderella

 Price : 3000

Specifications : Pre-painted Posable Figure

Size: Approx. H110mm (non-scale)

Material: PVC

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Glass slipper
-Pumpkin carriage
-Long hair part
-Optional hand set (open hand, gripping hand, holding hand)
-Base (compatible with the magnet under the feet)
-Posable Supporting pole set (Supporting pole, Supporting pole arm, extension part (thick, thin))
-Storage chuck bag