Megahouse G.E.M. Naruto Shippuden - Hatake Kakashi Ninkai Taosen ver.


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Product introduction

GEM Series Hatake Kakashi's Ninja Wars version ver.

In the final battle of the story 'Shinshin Taisen', the appearance of fighting as the captain of the third unit of the Shinobi Union Battle Great Regiment is three-dimensionalized.It has a big weapon of enemy who has defeated in the past fight "Knife Sword" Neck Slash Knife "" and reproduces the scene that showed anger as goosefles stood in the battle.

It is also a replacement part and it will also be the Kaleidoscope Shooting wheel eye ver.

Product information

◆ Product name

GEM Series NARUTO - Naruto - Shippuden Hatake Kakashi Shinobi Wars Battle Ver.

◆ Product size

Overall height about 150 mm

◆ Product Specification

· Painted finished figure figure · replacement face parts 1 piece · dedicated pedestal

◆ Item shipping date

Scheduled to ship late November 2018

◆ Maker